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Champion Circle is a networking organization that focuses on personal and professional development so that our members can accelerate their achievements and business goals. Champion Circle was designed for networking success rather than your typical networking referral programs.
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Dom Faussette, CEO

"Outstanding 1-on-1 accountability to help scale the efforts and enhance business.  I've seen the Accountability Program help professionals achieve 100% of their weekly goals through their individual mastermind groups."

Brandon Fugal, Chairman

"Jon is awesome. His extraordinary work and talent has been key to our efforts."

Falguni Katira, Vice President

"Champion Circle is a perfect piece to the puzzle when life lacks accountability and commitment. The Masterminds sessions are stellar and invaluable. Jon has my highest recommendation for an accountability partner for excellence."

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"Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire."
~Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich)

Champion Circle Events

Become a Champion! Champion Circle is a membership-based organization that has multiple monthly in-person and online events. Each meeting has a loaded 2 hour session of networking games, activities, personal & professional development, millionaire habit sessions, and one of dozen's of Jon Kovach Jr.'s mastermind methodologies. 
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World-Class Accountability

Work. Win. Repeat! Champion Circle has state-of-the-art professional services to help all businesses and business owners overcome their greatest challenges and achieve their goals. Accountability is first a mindset and habit second. Surround yourself with coaches and professionals who expect your greatness and push you to achieve them. 
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Mastermind Methods

Founder & Chairman, Jon Kovach Jr., is one of the top global mastermind leaders. His knowledge and expertise in the application of various mastermind activities helps any professional accelerate their progress and achieve their biggest goals. Champion Circle implements dozens of Jon's mastermind methodologies in each Champion Circle event and chapter meeting.
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Executive Retreats & Results

When it comes to getting radical results, Champions know they must sacrifice complacency for success. Champion Circle annual executive events, outings and retreats all offer accelerated solutions for every business. 
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Deep within every business is the heart of a fighting entrepreneur. Their ability to transmute their physical energy and talents into results is an art in business. However, once introduced to a community of like-minded professionals who equally believe that they will succeed by first serving others, the accelerated results are remarkable.

Jon Kovach Jr.

Founder & Chairman, Champion Circle
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No more waisting time at networking events that weren't designed for your success. Champion Circle is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Attend a chapter meeting or event near you. 
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